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We’ve sorted an amazing range of drinks for you. You can enjoy either with a meal or simply on their own.


Champagne& Sparkling Wines

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Beers& Soft Drinks

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Note: Should you instead require a     125ml glass serving, please inform our staff.

*The number at the end of the tasting notes (1-5) describes the dryness / sweetness level of the wines. 1 being the most dry and 5 being the most sweet.
**The letter at the end of the tasting notes (A-D) describes the body of the wines, A being the lightest, C medium bodied and D fullest.

(There are common supply shortages currently affecting the wine industry. In case we ran out of any of the wines listed, we will offer you a replacement from same style / country / region and grape variety with equal or better quality.)


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